Several people helped make this expedition a success with their support and advice. I bet in some cases they are not even aware of how much of a help they were, so here goes:

Carla Perrotti - The prototypical adventurer, the first person to make a documented crossing of the Salar in 1994 and one of my inspirations.

Thanks Carla for your invaluable advice on general mental approach to desert expeditions.

David Lim - Singapore's best-known mountaineer and all-around adventurer.

David thanks for sharing your experience of the Salar.

Sam McConnel - Massively experienced desert guide and the first person to walk solo and unsupported across the dune sea of the Namib desert

Thanks Sam for out inspirational discussions and advice when I came down to London.

Mario Piveropoulos

Thanks bro for being the communications hub during the expedition and for your advice.

Correne Coetzer -  Polar skier and the first South African female to walk to the South Pole

Thanks Correne for your nice articles on ExplorersWeb.

Michael Schmitt - My boss at work, who is no stranger to adventure.

Thanks Michael for your support and equipment advice. Without your support none of this would be possible.

My colleagues at Sepura Inc.

Thanks everyone for your generosity to my chosen charity and your enthusiastic support.

Lastly I would like to thank my long-suffering wife Magda who puts up with all my crazy endeavours and still finds the energy to show her love and support every single day (almost).